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A number of talented designers, including Levon Karsyan, have spent countless hours perfecting their sketches of an elegant hall that would capture the hearts of all who entered it. Special order iron work and stained glass panels were all exclusively made for Ritz Celebration by the best artisans, and were flown in from Armenia to grace the walls of the hall. One look, and it is easy to picture a grand event taking place…

Numerous candelabras line the walls of the banquet hall, only sharing their spotlight with hand crafted stained glass panels; each unique and beautiful. The candelabras supply the space with rich amber hues, which only highlight the biggest feature of the grand room Рthe magnificent glass ceiling with ornate detailing, circling an elegant chandelier. The ceiling and the glass panels can be lit with shades of gold, purple, red, blue, and green, and can be effortlessly alternated throughout the event. If preferred,  a certain color of light may be locked to  portray a certain look.

Catering Galley

Banquet Hall