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How to Plan A Wedding Party Menu

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How to Plan A Wedding Party Menu

The wedding feast has a rich history that extends as far back as recorded human history. Marriage has always been celebrated with rich foods, loud speeches, and raucous dancing. Today we have adapted the concept of the wedding feast into the concept of the wedding reception. But food is still an essential part of any wedding.

But how do you plan the perfect wedding party menu? While planning a menu for a couple hundred people can seem daunting but this blog will show you how to plan a menu for your wedding reception.

Sit Down or Stand Up?

First, think about the overall tone and style of your wedding reception. Ask yourself, ‘Who is going to attend my wedding?’ Whether you will be hosting a crowd of 100 20 and 30-somethings, or a intimate gathering of friends in their 50s will often determine what type of dinner you want to have.

Traditional sit down dinners are best for older guests, or large families, or for those seeking a mellower atmosphere at their wedding. Traditional dinners do not work as well for younger crowds and enthusiastic partiers. If you are planning on having a wedding reception filled with a younger party crowd think about food stations with various entrée choices and pass around hors o’devours.

Finalize a Head Count

Establishing a final head count for your wedding reception will allow you to properly budget for food. A proper head count ensures that you will not have to waste money on guests who will not, or cannot, attend your wedding.

You can also glean some useful details about food sensitivities and food allergies during this process. Twenty years ago the choice on most wedding invitations was simply “Chicken” or “Steak”. Today it is not uncommon for guests to ask for gluten free, vegan or vegetarian options. These options can greatly affect your wedding catering costs.

Pick a Catering Company

Once you have decided on the style of meal you want to offer and the number of guests, it is time to start interviewing caterers. Check with your wedding venue first. Many wedding venues provide catering services in addition to a reception space.

You no doubt have an idea of the type of food you want served at your reception. Make a list of ideas and share that list with your caterer. Make sure they can deliver the type of menu you want for your wedding.

Lastly, request food samples. After all, you want the food to be as amazing as your wedding day!

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