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How to Plan a Wedding Reception After You Have Eloped

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When the word wedding comes to mind it evokes images of a big church adorned with flowers, a wedding party filled with a legion of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and hundreds of family members. For most people, their dream day is a moveable feast that takes months (occasionally years to plan), but not everyone chooses a traditional wedding. More and more couples are choosing to elope.

People are choosing to marry later in life and many people choose elopement over a traditional wedding. This is an especially common trend in Los Angeles, since Las Vegas is a short drive away. But what happens after you elope?

We will give you some helpful advice on how to announce your wedding to friends and family, and how to plan a wedding reception after your marriage.

  1. Have A Plan to Break the News

Eloping is easy, telling friends and family that you have eloped isn’t so easy. If you are planning to elope, make sure you have a plan to tell your friends and family. News that you have eloped and skipped the big elaborate wedding may cause a good deal of friction and hurt feelings if you do not have a plan to break the news.

The first people you should tell are both sets of parents. Some couples choose to do a simultaneous phone call the day after the ceremony. Other couples choose to stagger the news to limit the shock and properly address any emotional issues involved.

Then it is time to inform close friends and then acquaintances. It is a good time to mention that you are planning to host a reception / celebration party within a couple of months for anyone that might wish to attend.

  1. Find a Party Venue

Now that everyone knows you are married, the pressure is off. Sort of. All you have to do is start planning a wedding celebration. The good news is that a celebration party offers more flexible options than a traditional wedding reception.

For instance, you can choose to offer guests more of a party atmosphere with a dress casual dress code and a fun buffet menu.

The key is finding a venue that can accommodate all of your friends and family. A venue that is also flexible enough to provide the options you want, like a dance floor, professional lighting, and catering.

  1. Send Out Invitations in Advance

After you have selected your venue it is time to start sending out invitations. There is no set etiquette on when you should send out invitations for a post-elopement wedding reception. If you have a lot of out of town guests you may want to send out invitations up to six months in advance. Generally speaking, three to four months should be adequate notice.

Then? All you have to worry about is having fun and celebrating your marriage with friends.

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