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Quick Tips for the Perfect Business Meeting

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A New Year is less than four months away. Have you started planning your annual business meeting yet? Here are some quick tips to help you make your next annual business meeting – whether January, February or March – a productive event that will help grow your company in 2016.

  1. Make it Convenient for Out of Town Employees

It is not uncommon for even a medium sized company to have employees spread across the country, or even across the world. So, if a large number of your employees are going to be flying in from across the country to attend your annual business meeting, find a venue that has easy access to both airports and local freeways.

  1. Do Not Skimp on the Food

You want your employees to be engaged and attentive? Make sure you have proper catering services. That means a bountiful assortment of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your business meeting consists of smaller training sessions and break-out sessions you also want to consider adding in a snack buffet where employees can go and munch throughout the day.

  1. Plan Breaks

Are you planning a multi-day annual business meeting? One that runs for 8-hours a day with multiple sessions? Make sure you plan breaks and fun activities to break up the monotony.

  1. Ask for Presentations in Advance

Do you plan on having featured presenters at your business meeting or conference? Make sure that you ask for presentations in advance. This will allow you to screen the material and test any presentation on your meeting venue’s equipment beforehand.

5.Offer Post-Meeting Shuttles

Remember to take care of your employees after your annual business meeting. Make sure you arrange limo and cab travel from your business conference venue to their hotels and airports.

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